Who is Abelson?

By | January 2, 2022

John Abelson (born 1939), American biochemist. Matthew Abelson, American musician. Neva Abelson (19102000), American physician. Philip Abelson (19132004), American nuclear physicist. … Abelson.

Other names
Variant form(s) Abel

What is the Abelson Group assessment?

The Abelson Group has delivered over 500,000 assessments, focusing on behaviors (DISC), motives, emotional intelligence, leadership, team development, and stress identification/management and continues to expand the company’s array of services.

What did Hal Abelson do?

He directed the first implementation of Logo for the Apple II, which made the language widely available on personal computers starting in 1981; and published a widely selling book on Logo in 1982.