What is unimpeachable character?

By | January 3, 2022

If you describe someone as unimpeachable, you mean that they are completely honest and reliable. [formal] He said all five were men of unimpeachable character.

How do you use unimpeachable in a sentence?

Unimpeachable sentence example

  1. He was pious, charitable, of unimpeachable morality, quick-tempered but placable, no great scholar, and only energetic as a hunter. …
  2. Joe, Stan Fischer is well known to be a person of unimpeachable integrity.

What does being impaired mean?

: being in an imperfect or weakened state or condition: such as. a : diminished in function or ability : lacking full functional or structural integrity Brennan supports the use of corticosteroids in the treatment of inflammation, swelling, pain and impaired joint movement.

What is the synonym of unimpeachable?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for unimpeachable. blameless, guiltless, irreproachable, unassailable.

What is unimpeachable integrity?

of such a high standard of honesty and moral goodness that it cannot be doubted or criticized: A spokesman said the Bishop was a man of unimpeachable integrity and character.

What’s the meaning of unimpeachable?

: not impeachable: such as. a : reliable beyond a doubt unimpeachable evidence an unimpeachable source. b : not liable to accusation : irreproachable an unimpeachable reputation.

What is the closest meaning of unimpeachable to the one used in the text answer choices for the above question?

above suspicion; impossible to discredit; impeccable: unimpeachable motives.

What is meant by unblemished?

: not blemished: such as. a : free from unwanted marks or spots an unblemished apple unblemished skin smooth, unblemished steel. b : having no fault or flaw an unblemished safety record pure, unblemished joy.

What is meaning of unquestionable?

adjective. not open to question; beyond doubt or dispute; indisputable; undeniable; certain: an unquestionable fact. above criticism; unexceptionable: a man of unquestionable principles.

How do you use impaired?

Impaired sentence example

  1. An attack of illness in November 1900 seriously impaired his health. …
  2. The authority of the pontificate was seriously impaired by these circumstances.

What is an example of impaired?

You use -impaired in adjectives where you are describing someone with a particular disability. For example, someone who is hearing-impaired has a disability affecting their hearing, and someone who is visually-impaired has a disability affecting their sight.

Is impairment a disability?

As traditionally used, impairment refers to a problem with a structure or organ of the body; disability is a functional limitation with regard to a particular activity; and handicap refers to a disadvantage in filling a role in life relative to a peer group.

What is the meaning of faultlessly?

: having no fault : irreproachable faultless workmanship.

What does irreproachable mean in English?

blameless : not reproachable : blameless, impeccable irreproachable conduct.

What is the synonyms of culpable?

Some common synonyms of culpable are blamable, blameworthy, and guilty.

What is the meaning of Westering?

adjective. moving or shifting toward the west: the westering sun; a westering wind.

What does Triflant mean?

: lacking in significance or solid worth: such as. a : frivolous trifling talk. b : trivial a trifling gift. c chiefly dialectal : lazy, shiftless a trifling fellow.

What does the word sardonically mean?

: disdainfully or skeptically humorous : derisively mocking a sardonic comment.

What is the root word of unimpeachable?

unimpeachable (adj.) 1784, from un- (1) not + impeachable.

What is haricot beans in English?

: a small, usually oval, creamy-white kidney bean : navy bean see also haricot vert.

What part of speech is unimpeachable?

adjective unimpeachable

part of speech: adjective
definition: above doubt or accusations of wrongness; unquestionable. an unimpeachable source of information antonyms: questionable
related words: blameless, immaculate
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derivation: unimpeachably (adv.)

What information about the word compliment can be found?

an expression of praise, commendation, or admiration: A sincere compliment boosts one’s morale. a formal act or expression of civility, respect, or regard: The mayor paid him the compliment of escorting him. compliments, a courteous greeting; good wishes; regards: He sends you his compliments.

Are above suspicion meaning?

Above suspicion is used to describe someone who is considered to be completely trustworthysomeone who would never be suspected of doing anything wrong. The phrase can also be used to describe such a person’s actions. … The phrase is typically applied to people who are thought to have a spotless reputation.

Which word should a word root with educate?

Craft (1984) noted that there are two different Latin roots of the English word education. They are educare, which means to train or to mold, and educere, meaning to lead out.

What does pliant flexibility mean?

English Language Learners Definition of pliant : able to bend without breaking : flexible.

What is lily white?

pure; untouched by corruption or imperfection; above reproach: He tries to pass himself off as some sort of lily-white saint, but he’s not. designating or pertaining to any faction, organization, or group opposing the inclusion of Black people, especially in political or social life.

What is unblemished driving experience?

If you describe something such as someone’s record, reputation, or character as unblemished, you mean it has not been harmed or spoiled.

What is questionable character?

1. (usually of a person) lacking in intelligence, common sense, or just in general awareness; clumsy or idiotic. 2. [colloquial] [noun] a person that displays these character traits. 3.

What does undeniably mean in English?

1 : plainly true : incontestable an undeniable fact. 2 : unquestionably excellent or genuine an applicant with undeniable references.

What does unquestionable love mean?

If you describe something as unquestionable, you are emphasizing that it is so obviously true or real that nobody can doubt it. [emphasis] He inspires affection and respect as a man of unquestionable integrity. Synonyms: certain, undeniable, indisputable, clear More Synonyms of unquestionable.