What is the unilateral meaning?

By | January 3, 2022

1a : done or undertaken by one person or party. b : of, relating to, or affecting one side of a subject : one-sided. c : constituting or relating to a contract or engagement by which an express obligation to do or forbear is imposed on only one party.

What is a synonym for unilateral?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unilateral, like: one-sided, concerned with one side, unipartite, not reciprocal, single, signed by one of two factions, coercive, multilateral, bilateral, unilaterally and pre-emptive.

What is unilateral thinking?

Unilateral means one-sided. If parents make a unilateral decision to eliminate summer vacation, it means that the students’ opinions or opposing views weren’t considered. When someone makes a unilateral decision, he or she acts alone, without considering the feelings, opposing opinions or concerns of others.

What does it mean to work unilaterally?

Doing something unilaterally means it’s done without the agreement or participation of other people it might affect.

What is Ipsilaterally?

Listen to pronunciation. (IP-sih-LA-teh-rul) On the same side of the body as another structure or a given point.

What is a unilateral state?

1 A unilateral act of State may be defined as an expression of will emanating from one State or States which produces legal effects in conformity with international law (see also Unilateralism/Multilateralism).

What is the opposite of unilaterally?

Antonyms & Near Antonyms for unilaterally. concertedly,conjointly, hand in glove.

What is an example of unilateralism?

Unilateralism & Global Geopolitics An example of a unilateral action is the American President Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris Climate Accord is in 2017.

What does unilateral mean in politics?

Unilateralism is any doctrine or agenda that supports one-sided action. Such action may be in disregard for other parties, or as an expression of a commitment toward a direction which other parties may find disagreeable.

What is a lateral mindset?

Lateral thinking is the ability to use your imagination to look at a problem in a fresh way and come up with a new solution.

Is lateral thinking a skill?

Lateral thinking means taking a creative approach to a problem or challenge. It’s a great skill to have at work. Here we’ll talk you through what the ability is, and give some examples of lateral thinking skills.

Are you a lateral thinker?

Lateral thinking is about approaching a problem from an unusual al angle. It often flies in the face of logic. Psychologist Edward de Bono, who coined the phrase describes lateral thinking with this metaphor: You cannot dig a hole in a different place by digging the same hole deeper.

What is the difference between lateral and unilateral?

As adjectives the difference between unilateral and lateral is that unilateral is done by one side only while lateral is to the side; of or pertaining to the side.

How do you use unilateral in a simple sentence?

Unilateral in a Sentence

  1. Since the legislators were slow to act on the issue, the president used his executive powers to make a unilateral solution.
  2. Too often, my husband makes unilateral decisions without seeking my advice.

What is unilateral and bilateral?

In a unilateral contract, only the offeror has an obligation. In a bilateral contract, both parties agree to an obligation. … In general, the primary distinction between unilateral and bilateral contracts is a reciprocal obligation from both parties.

What is ipsilateral tumor?

Background: Ipsilateral breast tumor recurrence (IBTR) is defined as a recurrent in situ or invasive carcinoma that occurred after breast conserving surgery (BCS) in either the skin or parenchyma of the ipsilateral breast without clinical-radiologic evidence of regional or distant disease.

What causes ipsilateral weakness and paralysis?

Because of this anatomy, injuries to the pyramidal tract above the medulla generally cause contralateral hemiparesis (weakness on the opposite side as the injury). Injuries at the lower medulla, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves result in ipsilateral hemiparesis.

What is proximal anatomy?

Proximal means nearer to the center (trunk of the body) or to the point of attachment to the body. If another reference point is given, such as the heart, the proximal point of another organ or extremity is the point closest to the heart, central rather than peripheral. Proximal is the opposite of distal.

What is a bilateral act?

Bilateral act refers to an act which involves the consenting wills of two or more distinct parties. For example, a bilateral contract like a sales contract where the seller promises to convey a property and the buyer agrees to pay a specified sum, given certain conditions.

What is bilateral juristic act?

A contract is a bilateral juristic act, founded on agreement. That is legal language for an agreement between people (natural persons or commercial entities) which creates certain rights and obligations between them. … Once the parties have reached an agreement, the terms of their agreement are binding on them.

What is unilateral secession?

A unilateral declaration of independence (UDI) is a formal process leading to the establishment of a new state by a subnational entity which declares itself independent and sovereign without a formal agreement with the state from which it is seceding.

What does Unipartite mean?

: not divided or divisible into parts.

What does conjointly mean?

1 : united, conjoined. 2 : related to, made up of, or carried on by two or more in combination : joint. Other Words from conjoint Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About conjoint.

What is a unilateral relationship?

A one-sided relationship can be defined as a relationship that lacks balance and equitable reciprocity. A relationship that lacks balance or equitable reciprocity may look like one person investing more time, energy, effort, emotional or financial support than the other, Mychelle Williams, M.A., LPC, tells mbg.

What is an example of bilateralism?

Bilateralism is the conduct of political, economic, or cultural relations between two sovereign states. … Economic agreements, such as free trade agreements (FTA) or foreign direct investment (FDI), signed by two states, are a common example of bilateralism.

Which countries are unilateral?

On January 1, 1948, the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade went into effect with 23 countries. These were the original 15, plus Myanmar, Sri Lanka, Chile, Lebanon, Norway, Pakistan, South Rhodesia, and Syria. This lifted all unilateral trade restrictions and the global economy recovered.

Did Bush support unilateralism?

Unilateralism. Unilateral elements were evident early in Bush’s presidency. Conservative Charles Krauthammer, who coined the term Bush Doctrine, deployed unilateralism, in February 2001 to refer to Bush’s increased unilateralism in foreign policy, specifically regarding his decision to withdraw from the ABM treaty.

What is unilateralism multilateralism?

Multilateralism requires states to follow international norms and pay more respect to international institutions; this is contrasted with unilateralism, where a single state can influence how international relations can be conducted.

What is an onrush?

1 : a rushing forward or onward. 2 : onset.