What is the meaning of this word unheeded?

By | January 3, 2022

: not attended or listened to : not heeded unheeded warnings.

What is an unheeded warning?

Unheeded means disregarded or ignored, despite having been heard or noted. An unheeded warning is one that was given and heard but ignored.

What does being haughty mean?

: blatantly and disdainfully proud : having or showing an attitude of superiority and contempt for people or things perceived to be inferior haughty aristocrats haughty young beauty never deigned to notice us Herman Melville.

What do you mean by glance?

to look quickly or briefly. to gleam or flash: a silver brooch glancing in the sunlight. to strike a surface or object obliquely, especially so as to bounce off at an angle (often followed by off): The arrow glanced off his shield. … verb (used with object), glanced, glancing. Archaic.

Is unasked a real word?

not asked: an unasked question. not asked for: unasked advice. uninvited.

Who is a frivolous man?

1 not serious or sensible in content, attitude, or behaviour; silly. a frivolous remark. 2 unworthy of serious or sensible treatment; unimportant. frivolous details. (C15: from Latin frivolus silly, worthless)

What is the definition of exultantly?

: filled with or expressing great joy or triumph : jubilant an exultant cheer exultant fans.

What is the meaning of undefiled?

: not made corrupt, impure, or unclean : not defiled : untainted, uncorrupted English undefiled

What does the dithering mean?

2 : to act nervously or indecisively : vacillate dithering about what to do next There’s no time to dither. dither. noun. Definition of dither (Entry 2 of 2) : a highly nervous, excited, or agitated state : excitement, confusion The news of her arrival had us all in a dither.

What are some examples of haughty?

Haughty meaning An example of haughty is a person who drives an expensive car in a poor neighborhood, while talking badly about the people who live there. Having or showing great pride in oneself and disdain, contempt, or scorn for others; proud; arrogant; supercilious.

What is another word for a haughty?

Some common synonyms of haughty are arrogant, disdainful, insolent, lordly, overbearing, proud, and supercilious.

What does the Bible say about pride?

Proverbs 11:2 When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom. Proverbs 16:5 The LORD detests all the proud of heart. Be sure of this: They will not go unpunished. Proverbs 16:18 Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall.

Where can I use glance?

Glance sentence example

  1. One glance at the picture and his neck turned red. …
  2. You see at a glance that she is blind. …
  3. He chanced a glance at her and grimaced. …
  4. She felt sorry for her and held out her hand with a glance of gentle inquiry. …
  5. He gave only a glance up the path to the mine before returning to his Jeep.

How do you use glance?

If you see something at a glance, you see or recognize it immediately, and without having to think or look carefully. One could tell at a glance that she was a compassionate person.

What is reading glancing?

phrasal verb. glance at or over. To look through reading matter casually: browse, dip into, flip through, leaf (through), riffle (through), run through, scan, skim, thumb (through).

How do you say unasked?

Unasked-for Synonyms – WordHippo Thesaurus. … What is another word for unasked-for?

uninvited unasked
unbidden unrequested
unbid unexpected
unprompted not asked
not invited not wanted

What’s a synonym for unasked for?

synonyms for unasked-for spontaneous. chargeless. complimentary. costless. for nothing.

What part of speech is unbidden?

adverb UNBIDDEN (adverb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.

What did abolish mean?

transitive verb. : to end the observance or effect of (something, such as a law) : to completely do away with (something) : annul abolish a law abolish slavery. Other Words from abolish Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About abolish.

What is the meaning of FRIV?

FRIV. Fuel Return Isolation Valve. Miscellaneous Aircraft & Aviation.

What is a frivolous friend?

If you describe someone as frivolous, you mean they behave in a silly or light-hearted way, rather than being serious and sensible.

Is exultantly a word?

adj. Marked by great joy or jubilation; triumphant. exultantly adv.

What is a sedately?

adjective. calm, quiet, or composed; undisturbed by passion or excitement: a sedate party; a sedate horse.

What does petulantly mean?

1 : insolent or rude in speech or behavior. 2 : characterized by temporary or capricious ill humor : peevish.

Who are the undefiled?

The undefiled in the way are the lovers of God’s Holy Word, Precept and Ways. In the journey of life, our Christian life on the road, which leads to heaven, there are those who are living without blemish or stain, upright in their course, sincerely believing the Word of God.

What does unfading mean biblically?

1 : not losing color or freshness. 2 : not losing value or effectiveness.

How do you use undefiled in a sentence?

Undefiled sentence example

  1. Those only have been redeemed from earth who were virgins, undefiled with women. …
  2. – These chapters contain a vision of Christ on Mount Zion and the 144,000 of the undefiled that follow Him, xiv.

What is dithering used for?

Dither is an intentionally applied form of noise used to randomize quantization error, preventing large-scale patterns such as color banding in images. Dither is routinely used in processing of both digital audio and video data, and is often one of the last stages of mastering audio to a CD.

How do you use dither in a sentence?

Dither in a Sentence

  1. Terry tends to dither when someone asks him where to have lunch, as he is never able to decide on a restaurant.
  2. Because they dither and dally all afternoon, the children rarely finish their homework.
  3. The politician began to dither and stutter when asked his stance on the issue.

What does rubbish mean in British?

Rubbish is a synonym for garbage or trash. The word is more commonly used by speakers of British English than by speakers of American English. The noun rubbish also means writing or speech that is worthless, untrue, or nonsense, especially in British English.