What is the difference between abysmal and dismal?

By | January 3, 2022

As adjectives the difference between dismal and abysmal is that dismal is disappointingly inadequate while abysmal is (nowrare) pertaining to, or resembling an abyss; unending; profound; fathomless; immeasurable .

Is abysmal good or bad?

But since the early twentieth century, abysmal has been more commonly used to identify something as extremely bad. So it’s more likely that your hole has just been insulted.

What is the synonym of abysmal?

very bad, dreadful, awful, terrible, frightful, atrocious, disgraceful, deplorable, shameful, woeful, hopeless, lamentable, laughable, substandard, poor, inadequate, inferior, unsatisfactory. informal rotten, appalling, crummy, pathetic, pitiful, useless, lousy, shocking, dire, the pits.

How do you use abysmal?

Abysmal sentence example His first attempts were an abysmal failure. Yukes really dropped the ball here and did an abysmal job of keeping up to date with the WWE product. A person is more likely to adjust to the pine scent than a cat, but particularly in the latter case, the pine litter adds up to an abysmal failure.

What does abysmal mean?

1a : immeasurably low or wretched : extremely poor or bad abysmal ignorance/poverty abysmal living conditions an abysmal performance. b : having immense or fathomless extension downward, backward, or inward an abysmal cliff. 2 : abyssal sense 2.

How do you use abysmal in a sentence?

He showed in his very uninteresting and abysmal performance that he has no grasp of the problems now facing the industry. Anyone who did this would be deservedly castigated; for he would expose his abysmal ignorance in the very act of decrying it. He showed an abysmal ignorance of the history of that country.

What do u mean by hinterland?

1 : a region lying inland from a coast. 2a : a region remote from urban areas. b : a region lying beyond major metropolitan or cultural centers.

What does Phrenologically mean?

: the study of the conformation and especially the contours of the skull based on the former belief that they are indicative of mental faculties and character.

Is Sinister an adjective?

Inauspicious, ominous, unlucky. Evil, seeming to be evil. Of the left side.

What is the best synonyms for abysmal?


  • bottomless.
  • boundless.
  • complete.
  • deep.
  • endless.
  • extreme.
  • illimitable.
  • incalculable.

Is bismal a word?

No, bismal is not in the scrabble dictionary.

What part of speech is abysmal?

adjective ABYSMAL (adjective) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.

How do you use demented in a sentence?

Demented in a Sentence

  1. Kaia was heartbroken when she found out her grandfather was demented and would soon lose all memory of her.
  2. After his demented wife purposely tried to burn their house down, he had her committed to a psychiatric ward.

How do you use accretion in a sentence?

Accretion in a Sentence

  1. The accretion of traffic accidents and drunk driving was attributed to the opening of the new downtown mall.
  2. The gradual accretion of terror over many years left hundred dead and thousands wounded.

How do you use the word Advent in a sentence?

Advent in a Sentence

  1. With the advent of the internet, working from home has become a real phenomenon.
  2. The elder discussed the advent of the messiah and how it would usher in a new world order.
  3. The advent of drones is set to usher in a whole new era for photography.

Is Abyss negative word?

abyss noun [C usually singular] (BAD SITUATION)

How do you use ubiquity in a sentence?

Ubiquity in a Sentence

  1. The ubiquity of cars in first world countries makes them so common that it’s almost inconceivable for a family to not own a car in those countries.
  2. As far as human facial features are concerned, the ubiquity of black and brown hair is especially notable in comparison to the rarity of red hair.

Was hinterland Cancelled?

Only Netflix US is currently confirmed to be losing Hinterland in July 2021 thus far. … Netflix has been streaming the show in the US since 2014 with season 2 added in 2016 and the third and final season added in 2017. There are 13 episodes in total making this an easy binge before they depart.

Where are the hinterlands?

An area behind a coast or the shoreline of a river. Specifically, by the doctrine of the hinterland, the hinterland is the inland region lying behind a port and is claimed by the state that owns the coast.

What do you mean by pastoralists?

/ps.t. l.st/ a farmer who breeds and takes care of animals, especially in Africa and Australia: Arab pastoralists moved their herds across the land.

What is Pernologist?

Phrenology is the study of the size and shape of people’s heads in the belief that you can find out about their characters and abilities from this. … Queen Victoria had her own personal phrenologist.

What is the meaning of Rambunctions?

: marked by uncontrollable exuberance : unruly.

What is wrong with phrenology?

Phrenology was mostly discredited as a scientific theory by the 1840s. This was due only in part to a growing amount of evidence against phrenology. Phrenologists had never been able to agree on the most basic mental organ numbers, going from 27 to over 40, and had difficulty locating the mental organs.

Is sinister worse than evil?

As adjectives the difference between sinister and evil is that sinister is inauspicious]], ominous, unlucky, illegitimate (as in [[w:bar sinisterbar sinister ) while evil is intending to harm; malevolent.

What is the difference between evil and sinister?

evil = with very bad intentions; wanting to cause harm and suffering sinister = a feeling or an impression that something evil will happen soon vicious = angry and violent, like a wild animal cruel = doesn’t care if suffering happens; enjoys causing suffering The evil villain (= a person with very bad intentions) …

What is a noun for sinister?

sinisterness. The state or condition of being sinister.