What is another word for unfilled?

By | January 2, 2022

In this page you can discover 18 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unfilled, like: vacant, declined, void, drained, pending, awaiting action, delayed, held-up, on backorder, not dispatched and unshipped.

Which term means empty or unfilled?

deserted, unfilled, uninhabited, unused, vacant, idle, abandoned, empty, free, tenantless, untenanted, disengaged, inactive, lazy, loitering, quiescent, unemployed, unengaged.

What are unfilled orders?

Any obligation to provide a good or service that has not been filled. For example, a salmon distribution company that has not shipped salmon to one of its clients is said to have an unfilled order.

What is unfilled position?

Unfilled Position is a position for which there is an incumbent teacher.

What is the opposite of unfilled?

Opposite of empty or not occupied. filled. full. busy. complete.

What does unfiled mean?

1 archaic : not smoothed : unpolished my rude unfiled apology George Wither. 2 : not placed on file or in a file several unfiled documents.

What is a word for not busy?

Synonyms & Near Synonyms for unbusy. idle, inactive, unemployed, unoccupied.

What is hollow?

having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere. having a depression or concavity: a hollow surface. sunken, as the cheeks or eyes. (of sound) not resonant; dull, muffled, or deep: a hollow voice. without real or significant worth; meaningless: a hollow victory.

What is a word for feeling empty?

Frequently Asked Questions About empty Some common synonyms of empty are blank, vacant, vacuous, and void. While all these words mean lacking contents which could or should be present, empty suggests a complete absence of contents.

What does unfulfillment status mean?

Unfulfilled means that it hasn’t shipped yet. Once your order is shipped, you’ll receive a confirmation email that includes a tracking number, and your order status will change to Fulfilled.

How do you find unfilled institutional orders?

What is the cost of an unfilled position?

$454 dollars a week or $1800 a month is lost when a job remains vacant. According to the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), the average position takes 42 days to fill at a cost of $4,129. If you add that to the possible one month salary cost of vacancy you can have a cost of over $5,000.

Is there a word unfillable?

Not fillable; not able to be filled. Able to be unfilled.

What does Unfulled mean?

: not fulfilled: a : not filled : unsatisfied, unmet vital unfulfilled needs of the nation

Is fun filled one word?

This is not correct. Don’t use this phrase. Fun-filled is almost always followed by a noun, so it is written with a hyphen.

What is unfiled Value?

Numerology. Chaldean Numerology. The numerical value of unfiled in Chaldean Numerology is: 5. The numerical value of unfiled in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8.

What is another word for pretending to work?

To fudgel is an eighteenth-century term meaning Pretending to work when you’re not actually doing anything at all. Modern offices are full of it, largely because when somebody is staring intently at a computer screen and typing it’s hard to tell whether they’re busily putting together this year’s accounts or busily …

What is a Spuddle?

Wiktionary. spuddleverb. To make a lot of fuss about trivial things, as if it were important.

What do you mean by dormant?

a : temporarily devoid of external activity a dormant volcano. b : temporarily in abeyance yet capable of being activated seeds will remain dormant until spring reawaken her dormant emotions.

What is a hollow friend?

Not sincere or faithful; false; deceitful; not sound; as, a hollow heart; a hollow friend.

Why are hollows called Hollows?

When the chain completely decays, they become a Hollow when a hole opens up on their chest where the chain was attached, signifying they have lost their heart.

What is a hollow person?

If you describe a statement, situation, or person as hollow, you mean they have no real value, worth, or effectiveness. Any threat to bring in the police is a hollow one. Synonyms: worthless, empty, useless, vain More Synonyms of hollow. hollowness uncountable noun.

What is a bareness?

the state of being without clothing or covering of any kind. an extreme lack of furnishings or ornamentation. synonyms: starkness.

Is Vacantness a word?

having no contents; empty; void. 2. having no occupant; unoccupied: no vacant seats on this train.

What is an emotional void?

Feelings of emptinessa lack of meaning or purposeare experienced by most people at some point in life. However, chronic feelings of emptiness, feelings of emotional numbness or despair, and similar experiences may be symptomatic of other mental health concerns, such as depression, anhedonia, or schizophrenia.