What is another word for undeserved?

By | January 2, 2022

What is another word for undeserved?

unjustified unjustifiable
unjust inappropriate
unreasonable uncalled for
undue uncalled-for
improper indefensible

What is an undeserved person?

If you are undeserving, then you are not worthy of something. If you believe that a famous actor isn’t worthy of the attention and praise he gets, you can describe him as undeserving. The adjective undeserving is perfect for talking about someone who has more than he or she is entitled to.

What does it mean when something is gratuitous?

1 : not called for by the circumstances : not necessary, appropriate, or justified : unwarranted a gratuitous insult a gratuitous assumption a movie criticized for gratuitous violence. 2a : given unearned or without recompense We mistake the gratuitous blessings of Heaven for the fruits of our own industry.

What is the meaning of undeserved disadvantage?

not having earned or merited any reward or disadvantage.

What is the opposite of undeserved?

Opposite of wrong or unjust. fair. legal. legitimate.

Is it undeserved or underserved?

As adjectives the difference between underserved and undeserved. is that underserved is underresourced, not having sufficient service while undeserved is not deserved, earned or merited; unjustifiable or unfair.

Who are the undeserving poor?

35. Until the 20th century English governments made provision for such people through local poor-taxes levied on householders. However they were careful to do this in a way that deterred all but the most desperate from taking up help in the poor houses.

What is an undeserved reputation?

: not earned or deserved : not justified or merited undeserved criticism/praise an undeserved reputation.

What does the term leakages mean?

(likd ) Word forms: plural leakages. variable noun. A leakage is an amount of liquid or gas that is escaping from a pipe or container by means of a crack, hole, or other fault. A leakage of kerosene has polluted water supplies.

Is gratuitous a bad word?

Gratuitous can have a more negative sense when used to describe something unwarranted, like a gratuitous insult. Gratuitous is also a great word to describe adding something extra that is really unnecessary: The gratuitous nudity in the movie did not contribute to the plot, but was added to attract teenage boys to …

How do you use the word gratuitous?

He was the victim of wholly gratuitous violence in the prison where he was detained. The violence is not gratuitous, and it is hard to watch. The problem is that the violence does seem gratuitous, ludicrous lurches at the ends of acts.

How do you use gratuitous in a sentence?

unnecessary and unwarranted.

  1. There’s too much crime and gratuitous violence on TV.
  2. It seems that the attack was a gratuitous/random/mindless act of violence.
  3. His films are full of gratuitous violence.
  4. Letters poured in complaining about the gratuitous violence on the show.

What does undeserved advantage mean?

If you describe something such as a reaction, treatment, or result as undeserved, you mean that the person who experiences it has not earned it and should not really have it.

What is the meaning of undeserving in Hindi?

UNDESERVING= [pr. {ayogy} ](Adjective)

What’s the definition of unearned?

1 : not gained by labor, service, or skill unearned income. 2 : scored as a result of an error by the opposing team an unearned run.

What is Indign?

1 archaic : unworthy, undeserving. 2 obsolete : unbecoming, disgraceful.

Is underserved one word or hyphenated?

Use underserved only when talking about services, not as a blanket term for impoverished communities. Use the phrase under-resourced as a more accurate way to frame larger issues.

What means under service?

Filters. Receiving an inadequate or disproportionately low level of service, especially from the state. adjective.

What does not irrelevant mean?

: not relevant : not applicable or pertinent irrelevant allegations irrelevant evidence compare immaterial. Other Words from irrelevant. irrelevantly adverb.

What is the difference between the deserving and the undeserving poor?

The deserving are those who are in need and are unable to work because they are too old, disabled, or too sick. The undeserving poor are those who don’t want to work, and often it is assumed that all able-bodied unemployed people fit into this category.

What was the difference between the deserving and the undeserving poor according to the Victorians?

The deserving poor were those understood to be hard working people, who through no fault of their own found themselves in hardship. … The undeserving poor, on the other hand, were given this label due to an assessment of their perceived indolence.

What was the poor Law of 1536?

25) was an act passed in Tudor England by Henry VIII. It is part of the Tudor Poor Laws. It was the earliest English Poor Law to provide for structured collections for the poor. The 1536 act provided that sturdy vagabonds should be set to work after being punished.

What is the best definition of foreshadowing?

transitive verb. : to represent, indicate, or typify beforehand : prefigure The hero’s predicament is foreshadowed in the first chapter. Other Words from foreshadow Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About foreshadow.

Is merited meaning?

/mer.t/ C2. If something merits a particular treatment, it deserves or is considered important enough to be treated in that way: This plan merits careful attention. The accident merited only a small paragraph in the local paper.

Is Undeservedness a word?

The state or condition of being undeserved.

What is financial leakage?

Leakage is dollars and efficiencies lost as the result of system limitations, process control gaps, and/or human error. It starts as a drop, seemingly innocent; however, it can quickly become a growing drag on your organization and resources.

What are the example of leakages?

For example, let’s say that an individual decides to reduce their spending now to increase the amount of savings they have in the bank. As they reduce spending and move more of their income into savings, this represents money leaving the economy to sit in a bank account. Therefore, this represents a leakage.

How do leakages affect the economy?

Non-consumption uses of incomesavings, taxes, and importsare leaked out of the main flow. This reduces the money available throughout the rest of the economy.