What is another word for not fussy?

By | January 2, 2022

What is another word for unfussy?

uncomplicated simple
no trouble no problem
a piece of old tackle not burdensome
easily done no bother
nothing to it simple as ABC

What do you mean by unfurling?

transitive verb. : to release from a furled state. intransitive verb. : to open out from or as if from a furled state : unfold.

What is interrelated and example?

Interrelated things are connected they compliment or depend on each other. Your mood and whether or not you ate breakfast this morning might be interrelated, for example.

What is unfurnished literally?

: not furnished: such as. a : not provided or equipped with something specified

What is the meaning of unfussy?

: not fussy: such as. a : not particular : unconcerned. b : not cluttered with pretentious or nonessential matters : uncomplicated unfussy designs.

What does not fussy mean?

informal. something that you say when you would be satisfied with either choice that is offered you: Red wine or white? I’m not fussy. Expressions meaning ‘it isn’t important to me’

What is unfurling a flag mean?

Word forms: 3rd person singular present tense unfurls , present participle unfurling , past tense, past participle unfurled. 1. verb. If you unfurl something rolled or folded such as an umbrella, sail, or flag, you open it, so that it is spread out.

How do you use unfurl?

Unfurl in a Sentence 1. The boy scouts gathered in the courtyard to unfurl the American flag and hoist it up the pole after unfolding it. 2. During the spring, the sprouting leaves begin to unfurl, and each petal that opens will sprout a colorful bloom.

What is a synonym for unfurl?

outspread, outstretch, spread (out), stretch (out), unfold.

What is an interrelated person?

: having a mutual or reciprocal relation. Other Words from interrelated Example Sentences Learn More About interrelated.

What is the example of interrelated?

Interrelated is used in situations in which two or more elements strongly influence each other or are closely linked to each other. For example, a study on unemployment and crime in a particular area may conclude that they are interrelated.

What is a sentence with interrelated in?

1. Unemployment and inflation are interrelated. 2. The two problems are closely interrelated.

What does furnished apartment mean in Germany?

Typically a furnished apartment will have beds, wardrobes, white goods, a fitted kitchen and a sofa. It won’t usually have those items which come in a serviced apartment such as towels, pots & pans, TV / DVD player etc.

What does unfurnished Bernedoodle mean?

Simply put an unfurnished Bernedoodle is a dog that does not have coat furnishings. … They do not have the bearding and facial hair of a Bernedoodle with furnishings. Depending on who the breeding parents are , it seems to influence the final outcome of the look of the unfurnished Bernedoodle.

Does unfurnished mean no fridge?

As a general rule, an unfurnished property is limited to minimal items. … For all of these variations of furnishings, the property would including all of the main appliances such as an oven/hob, fridge/freezer and washing machine.

Is fussy a negative word?

What does fussy mean? An adjective for picky, choosy, particular. Whereas particular means the same thing and has a positive connotation, fussy has a negative connotation. You could say She’s a fussy eater, meaning she is picky about what she likes.

What does Unembellish mean?

: lacking embellishment or elaboration (as with decorative elements or fanciful details) : not embellished a plain, unembellished room unembellished facts an unembellished account of their travels. Synonyms & Antonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About unembellished.

Whats the opposite of picky?

Opposite of fastidious and hard to please. nonselective. undemanding. unfastidious.

What is another word for not bothered?

What is another word for not bothered?

unconcerned carefree
untroubled blithe
insouciant nonchalant
unperturbed cool
relaxed unruffled

What does it mean to fuss over someone?

: to pay a lot of attention to (someone or something) in a nervous or excited way Everyone fussed over the baby.

What does it mean to be non plussed?

1 : unsure about what to say, think, or do : perplexed She was nonplussed, but quickly collected herself, explained that the plumbing had been acting up for days, and told them to pay it no mind.

What do you mean by unfulfilled?

adjective. not carried out or done: many unfulfilled requests. not yet achieved: his unfulfilled dreams. not happy or satisfied, from not having achieved one’s desires or full potential: I was feeling unfulfilled in my job.

What is the difference between flag hoisting and flag unfurling?

Well, on Independence Day, the national flag is tied at the bottom and then pulled up. The Prime Minister hoists the tricolor. … However, on Republic Day, the flag is tied up on the top and is unfurled without pulling it up. This depicts that the country is already independent.

What does the word nostalgic mean?

: feeling or inspiring nostalgia: such as. a : longing for or thinking fondly of a past time or condition As we drove through the French countryside, I couldn’t help being not just nostalgic, but wistful, about how simple wine was 25 years ago.

Who unfurls the flag on Independence Day?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday reached the Red Fort in New Delhi to address the nation on the occasion of 75th Independence Day. He unfurled the national flag and deliver the customary address to the nation from the ramparts of the Red Fort.

How do you use fervor in a sentence?

Fervor Sentence Examples

  1. These animals will love and hate with equal fervor.
  2. Consumers met the dolls with such fervor that the company couldn’t keep up with demand.
  3. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord.

What part of speech is unfurl?

verb UNFURL (verb) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.

What’s the opposite of unfurl?

Unfurl is a more common word than its opposite, furl, which means roll or fold. The French origin is ferler, to furl, from the Old French roots fer, firm and lier, bind.

What does unfurled mean in the Bible?

unfurlverb. To turn out or unfold; to evolve; to progress.

What does unfurled mean in a story?

to unroll, unfold, or spread out or be unrolled, unfolded, or spread out from a furled state.