What is an affable person like?

By | January 8, 2022

The definition of affable is a person who is friendly or easy to talk to. A person who makes you feel welcome is an example of an affable person.

Can a conversation be affable?

Affable means friendly, pleasant, and easy to talk to.

How do you use affable in a sentence?

She was always a very affable and free-spoken young lady, and very civil behaved. There was another colored porter on this, and he was very polite and affable. He was always smiling, affable, and polite. And our Minister seems a most delightful and affable person, our new friend said.

What is the closest synonym for the word affable?

synonyms for affable

  • amiable.
  • approachable.
  • courteous.
  • genial.
  • gentle.
  • good-humored.
  • good-natured.
  • gracious.

Is affability a skill?

Affability is the ability to be able to deal with people. If you are affable it helps you maintain cordial relations with acquaintances which can help you in life. This is the best trait that will enable you to forget the things that caused you pain and move on in life.

Is being affable a good thing?

Being an affable person means being pleasant to talk to, allocentric, and approachable. They are also polite, gracious, warm, and have concern for the well-being of others. They turn out to be excellent leaders, collaborators, communicators, and inclusive motivators.

What do you mean by affable?

1 : being pleasant and at ease in talking to others an affable host.

Is affable positive or negative?

Positive Qualities – exuberant, cautious, affable, intrepid. Negative Qualities – obnoxious, haughty, bossy, mean.

What do you call a person who is lively?

Some common synonyms of lively are animated, gay, sprightly, and vivacious.

Is affable a personality?

A personality that is friendly, approachable, sociable, amicable, or likeable. He might not be the best instructor in the school, but he has such an affable personality that he is everyone’s favorite.

What is the meaning of geniality in English?

the quality of being friendly and pleasant: His geniality, reliability and ability made him a popular figure.

Is affably a word?

affable. adj. 1. Easy and pleasant to speak to; approachable.

What is the prefix for affable?

This adjective came from affari to speak to, built up of ad to(ward) + fari to speak.

What’s opposite of acute?

Acute conditions are severe and sudden in onset. This could describe anything from a broken bone to an asthma attack. A chronic condition, by contrast is a long-developing syndrome, such as osteoporosis or asthma.

Is reserved an opposite of affable?

Affable means friendly, good-nature, or easy to talk to. Antonym of affable is reserved or unfriendly.

What is the antonym for Charismatic?

What is the opposite of charismatic?

repellant repellent
repelling repugnant
repulsive revolting
unalluring disgusting
distasteful sickening

What does affability look like?

Affability includes being congenial, friendly, and approachable. Affability manifests in behaviors like smiling, giggling, and laughing. We all like being around someone who is jovial and fun to be with.

What is the meaning of genial person?

adjective. warmly and pleasantly cheerful; cordial: a genial disposition; a genial host.

What is the meaning of Desive?

1 : having the power or quality of deciding The council president cast the decisive vote. a decisive battle. 2 : resolute, determined a decisive manner decisive leaders a decisive editor.

What do you call someone who makes you feel comfortable?

hospitable Add to list Share. When someone makes you feel comfortable and at home, that person is being hospitable, providing a warm, friendly environment.

What is a word for being good at talking?

Some common synonyms of talkative are garrulous, loquacious, and voluble.

What is the meaning of reserved person?

A reserved person. … The definition of reserved is saved for someone or some purpose, or is a person who doesn’t share his feelings, thoughts or emotions.

What’s zestful mean?

adjective. full of zest. characterized by keen relish, hearty enjoyment, etc.

What do you call a person who is full of energy?

adjective. an energetic person has a lot of energy and is very active.