What is a undulation meaning?

By | January 2, 2022

1a : a rising and falling in waves. b : a wavelike motion to and fro in a fluid or elastic medium propagated continuously among its particles but with little or no permanent translation of the particles in the direction of the propagation : vibration.

What is a synonym for undulation?

Some common synonyms of undulate are fluctuate, oscillate, sway, swing, vibrate, and waver. While all these words mean to move from one direction to its opposite, undulate suggests a gentle wavelike motion.

What is a marine undulation?

Undulation is a flowing, up-and-down movement like the motion of waves. Have you ever looked out over the ocean and watched the water flow up and down in waves?

What causes undulation?

It is caused by a bacterium called Brucella that can be transmitted in unpasteurized milk or cheese of cattle, sheep, and goats or by contact with diseased animals.

What does unimpeded mean?

: not slowed, blocked, or interfered with : not impeded an unimpeded view providing unimpeded access

What is the law of undulation?

Their nearest approach to constancy, therefore, is undulationthe repeated return to a level from which they repeatedly fall back, a series of troughs and peaks.

What does Dorado mean?

The Spaniards called the city ruled by this flamboyant monarch El Dorado, Spanish for gilded one, and the story of the gold-covered king eventually grew into a legend of a whole country paved with gold. These days, El Dorado can also used generically for any place of vast riches, abundance, or opportunity.

What does fluctuating mean?

1 : to shift back and forth uncertainly Oil prices fluctuated. Temperatures fluctuated. 2 : to rise and fall in or as if in waves The boat fluctuated on the rough sea. transitive verb. : to cause to fluctuate.

What does undulating terrain mean?

having a shape like a wave or moving up and down like a wave. undulating countryside/fields/terrain/ground. The land is gently undulating.

Can you eat undulate ray?

Avoid eating this species, regardless of method used to catch it.

How do you undulate a butterfly?

How do you pronounce undulate?

What is undulation in fish?

Indeed, the undulations can be described as a wave that travels down the length of the fish, reaching maximum amplitude at the end of the caudal fin. … In many cases, the undulation is confined mostly (although not entirely) to the caudal fin.

What Animals use undulation?

Undulatory locomotion is the type of motion characterized by wave-like movement patterns that act to propel an animal forward. Examples of this type of gait include crawling in snakes, or swimming in the lamprey.

How do you use undulation in a sentence?

(1) The road followed the undulations of the landscape. (2) The downs fell in gentle undulations to the sea. (3) Silence brooded over the long undulations of the national park. (4) The pickup’s stylus must faithfully track undulations which are smaller than the wavelength of light.

What does the word unimpeded mean as it is used in the sentence?

Definition of Unimpeded. free of any restrictions or obstacles. Examples of Unimpeded in a sentence. 1. After getting a permit from the city, the unimpeded workers were free to build the home.

What straits mean?

1a : a comparatively narrow passageway connecting two large bodies of water often used in plural but singular in construction. b : isthmus. c archaic : a narrow space or passage. 2 : a situation of perplexity or distress often used in plural in dire straits.

Which word is similar to the definition of the word unimpeded?

Find another word for unimpeded. In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unimpeded, like: unchecked, unhampered, unrestrained, faultless, unlimited, clear, free, open, unblocked, unobstructed and unhindered.

Why does Screwtape turn into a centipede?

The Giant Centipede Screwtape explains becoming a centipede as an external sign of his inner Life Force, a positive sign. … This, says Screwtape, is how the poet John Milton described such occurrences in Hell. It can be seen as an irresistible change caused by his growing anger at Wormwood.

What is the point of the Screwtape Letters?

Written in defense of Christian faith, this popular satire consists of a series of 31 letters in which Screwtape, an experienced devil, instructs his young charge, Wormwood, on effective strategies for tempting the human being assigned to him and making sure he continues on a steady path toward damnation.

What fish is dorado in English?

In parts of the Pacific and along the English-speaking coast of South Africa, the mahi-mahi is commonly referred to by its name in Spanish, dorado.

Is El Dorado a real place?

The dream of El Dorado, a lost city of gold, led many a conquistador on a fruitless trek into the rainforests and mountains of South America. But it was all wishful thinking. The golden one was actually not a place but a person – as recent archaeological research confirms.

What El Camino means?

El Camino is Spanish for ‘the way’. The title of the movie references the car in which Jesse makes his escape at the end of the series finale.

What does Infactuated mean?

1 : to cause to be foolish : deprive of sound judgment. 2 : to inspire with a foolish or extravagant love or admiration. infatuate. adjective. infatuate in-fa-ch-wt , -ch-t

Is Fluxuate a word?

Fluxuate meaning Common misspelling of fluctuate.

What is an example of fluctuations?

To fluctuate is defined as to change in amount or rise and fall. An example of fluctuate is when a temperature goes from hot to cold to hot. To vary irregularly, especially in amount. School enrollment has fluctuated from year to year.

What is the meaning of undulating and rough terrains?

Undulating terrain simply means a terrain which is shaped like a wave. … While rough terrain terrain does not have a smooth surface.

What do you mean by Flanked?

transitive verb. 1a : to be situated at the side of especially : to be situated on both sides of a road flanked with linden trees. b : to place something on each side of. 2 : to protect a flank of. 3 : to attack or threaten the flank of (as a body of troops)