What is a synonym for unhallowed?

By | January 3, 2022

synonyms for unhallowed

  • deconsecrated.
  • irreligious.
  • secular.
  • unblessed.
  • unconsecrated.
  • ungodly.
  • unsacred.
  • unsanctified.

What is the meaning of the word residuary?

residuary. / (rzdjr) / adjective. of, relating to, or constituting a residue; residual. law entitled to the residue of an estate after payment of debts and distribution of specific gifts.

What does incipient mean in English?

: beginning to come into being or to become apparent an incipient solar system evidence of incipient racial tension.

How do you use unhallowed in a sentence?

Unhallowed in a Sentence

  1. Unhallowed talk is not allowed in the holy sanctuary.
  2. Walking over unhallowed ground, the priest did a few Hail Mary’s to protect himself from anything ungodly.
  3. The spirits in the house were unhallowed and their evil presence haunted the children.

What is the meaning of unhallowed in English?

1 : not blessed : unconsecrated, unholy unhallowed ground. 2a : unsanctioned by or showing lack of reverence for religion : impious, profane.

What is hollow?

having a space or cavity inside; not solid; empty: a hollow sphere. having a depression or concavity: a hollow surface. sunken, as the cheeks or eyes. (of sound) not resonant; dull, muffled, or deep: a hollow voice. without real or significant worth; meaningless: a hollow victory.

What is residuary legatee?

A residuary legatee is the one who receives the property not been assigned to anyone. … In the absence of one, the remaining property will go to the legal heir of the testator, says Nerlekar.

What does the legal term residuary mean?

A residuary estate, in the law of wills, is any portion of the testator’s estate that is not specifically devised to someone in the will, or any property that is part of such a specific devise that fails. It is also known as a residual estate or simply residue.

What is the meaning of residual power?

: power held to remain at the disposal of a governmental authority after an enumeration or delegation of specified powers to other authorities.

How do you use incipient?

Incipient in a Sentence

  1. Since the rumor is incipient, we can stop it by telling the truth immediately.
  2. The best way to stop the disease from spreading is by identifying it while it is incipient.
  3. Although the cold was incipient, it was still causing Eloise to feel awful.

What does bed Raggled mean?

soiled 1 : soiled and stained by or as if by trailing in mud. 2 : left wet and limp by or as if by rain.

What is Inception day?

Definitions of inception. an event that is a beginning; a first part or stage of subsequent events.

What does unhallowed disunion mean?

Fellow citizens of the United States! the threat of unhallowed disunionthe names of those, once respected, by who it is utteredthe array of military force to support itdenote the approach of a crisis in our affairs on which the continuance of our unexampled prosperity, our political existence, and perhaps that of …

What is a rampart in the Bible?

1 : a protective barrier : bulwark.

What is an ironmonger do?

: a dealer in iron and hardware.

What happens if you are buried in unhallowed ground?

Something that’s unhallowed hasn’t been blessed by a bishop or other religious authority. If a body is buried in unhallowed ground, it’s not a church-sanctioned cemetery or graveyard. … The words hallowed and unhallowed are used most frequently in religious speech or writing, often Catholic.

What is a holler in the woods?

Hollow, A Hollow often pronounced Holler, a small valley, most commonly between mountains as commonly pronounced in Appalachia (Appalachian Mountain Regions)

What are Hollowgasts?

Hollowgasts, also known as Hollows, are creatures that were spawned from the Experiment of 1908. They are the secondary antagonists of the Peculiar Children series and film adaptation: Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children (film). They have long and extremely strong tongues.

What are the hollers of Kentucky?

Holler is the regional dialect pronunciation of hollow, referring to a broad natural hollow, as of one a creek has carved, i.e. a small valley. …

Butcher Hollow, Kentucky
Country United States
State Kentucky
County Johnson
Elevation 709 ft (216 m)

What does intestacy mean?

When a person dies without leaving a valid will, their property (the estate) must be shared out according to certain rules. These are called the rules of intestacy. A person who dies without leaving a will is called an intestate person. … For more information about what is a valid will, see Wills.

Who gets the residuary estate?

Residuary estate is a probate term that refers to the assets in a deceased person’s estate after all gifts are bequeathed and debts, taxes, administrative costs, probate fees and court costs are paid.

Who are residuary beneficiaries?

A residuary beneficiary is a person who receives any property from a will or trust that is not specifically left to another designated beneficiary. The property received by the residuary beneficiary from a will is referred to as the residuary bequest.

Does residuary estate include property?

What is meant by ‘Residuary Estate’ in a Will? The Residuary Estate is the property that remains in a deceased person’s estate after all specific gifts have been made and all debts, taxes, administrative fees, probate costs and court costs have been paid.

What does residual mean in a will?

Simply put, a residual clause takes care of what is left over after the assets and debts have been accounted for in the living trust. … If there is a residual clause, the money or assets will be included in the residuary if they are not used to pay down debt or taxes on the estate.

Does residuary estate include House?

Residuary estate distribution always happens after specific gifts are given out. … When you make your will, you might say you’d like to give 16,000 to your children, 10,000 to charity, and the rest the residuary estate, including the house to your partner.

What is residual power in law?

Any area not covered in the Constitution is considered to be within the states’ powers to make laws and is called a residual power. These are the powers that were not transferred to the Commonwealth at federation. Residual powers include urban planning and civil law.

What is an example of residual power?

Examples of the residual powers of the State Governments are criminal law, property law, transport, schools and health/hospitals. … Certain steps have also been taken by the Federal Government, including in relation to social security payments and also taxation; both of which are the exercise of exclusive powers.

What is residual power India?

Article 248 (2) of the Constitution of India says that the Parliament has exclusive power to make any law with respect to any matter not enumerated in list II and III. … Such power shall include the power of making any law imposing a tax not mentioned in either of those lists.