What does word unhurt mean?

By | January 3, 2022

not hurt : not hurt : intact, uninjured was unhurt after the fall.

What is another word for unhurt?

In this page you can discover 23 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for unhurt, like: safe, uninjured, all right, unblemished, undamaged, intact, whole, unscathed, scatheless, unharmed and unwounded.

What is an unhurried person?

1. unhurried – relaxed and leisurely; without hurry or haste; people strolling about in an unhurried way; an unhurried walk; spoke in a calm and unhurried voice

What does the world unhurt mean?

free from danger or injury.

How do you use unhurt in a sentence?

Unhurt sentence example Both were unhurt but frightened. Dean showed his badge and after determining Fred was unhurt , returned to the bar. Unhurt , she would have no fear of wandering around to find her way, but her injury prevented any exploration.

What is the meaning of Unstruck?

Filters. Not having been struck. adjective.

What is the opposite of unhurt?

Opposite of unharmed or unscathed. broken. damaged. harmed. hurt.

Is Unhurtable a word?

Unhurtable meaning Not hurtable; that cannot be hurt.

What part of speech is the word unhurt?

adjective UNHURT (adjective) definition and synonyms Macmillan Dictionary.

What is unhurriedly?

1. unhurriedly – without haste; she proceeded unhurriedly hastily, hurriedly, in haste – in a hurried or hasty manner; the way they buried him so hurriedly was disgraceful; hastily, he scanned the headlines; sold in haste and at a sacrifice

What is unhurried look?

: not happening or done quickly or too quickly : relaxed and calm. See the full definition for unhurried in the English Language Learners Dictionary. unhurried. adjective. unhurried n-hr-d

Is unhurried a real word?

not hurried; leisurely; deliberate: an unhurried day; an unhurried decision.

What is the meaning of escape unhurt?

If someone who has been attacked, or involved in an accident, is unhurt, they are not injured. The driver escaped unhurt, but a pedestrian was injured.

What is suffix example?

A suffix is a letter or group of letters, for example ‘-ly’ or ‘- ness’, which is added to the end of a word in order to form a different word, often of a different word class. For example, the suffix ‘-ly’ is added to ‘ quick’ to form ‘quickly’. Compare affix and , prefix.

What does not attentive mean?

: not attentive : not paying attention. Other Words from inattentive Example Sentences Learn More About inattentive.

How would you spell the word that means not necessary?

not necessary or essential; needless; unessential.

What is the meaning of not sure?

: not marked by or given to feelings of confident certainty : not sure was unsure of what to do.

What is the verb of image?

imaged; imaging. Definition of image (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1a : to create a representation of also : to form an image of imaged Jupiter’s rings image the bone using X-rays. b : to represent symbolically.

What’s another word for unstuck?

What is another word for unstuck?

loosened undid
undone untied
freed released
unfastened loosed
unloosed unlocked

What is the Unstruck sound?

In the Sanskrit tradition, this sound is called Anahata Nada, the Unstruck Sound. Literally, this means the sound that is not made by two things striking together. The point of this particular distinction is that all ordinary audible sounds are made by at least two elements: bow and string; drum and stick; two …

What part of speech is prairie?

An extensive area of relatively flat grassland with few, if any, trees, especially in North America.

What is another word for undamaged?

In this page you can discover 19 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for undamaged, like: entire, unhurt, sound, in good condition, flawless, unharmed, safe, whole, good, intact and unbroken.

What is another word for tester?

In this page you can discover 9 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for tester, like: examiner, inspector, checker, validator, teston, lab assistant, quizzer, testers and installer.

Is unhurt a noun verb or adjective?

adjective. not having sustained any injury.

Is unhurt a adverb?

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishunhurt /nht $ -rt/ adjective [not before noun] not hurt The driver escaped unhurt from the accident.