What does URDE mean?

By | January 6, 2022

having points having points; pointed. Collins English Dictionary. Copyright HarperCollins Publishers. Word origin. C16 urdee: probably a misreading and misunderstanding of French vide in the phrase croix aiquisse et vide cross sharply pointed and reduced.

What does districthood mean?

Filters. The state of being a district. noun.

What does Lilaceous mean?

: of or resembling the color lilac.

What does Lyard mean?

adjective Chiefly Scot. streaked or spotted with gray or white. Also lyart [lahy-ert].

Is Urdu a written language?

Although Urdu is widely spoken and understood throughout Pakistan, only 7% of Pakistan’s population spoke Urdu as their native language around 1992. … It is written, spoken and used in all provinces/territories of Pakistan, although the people from differing provinces may have different native languages.

What is Districtions?

n. 1. Sudden display; flash; glitter. A smile . . . breaks out with the brightest distriction.

How do you spell Distriction?


What does discretion mean?

2 : the quality of having or showing discernment or good judgment : the quality of being discreet : circumspection especially : cautious reserve in speech. 3 : ability to make responsible decisions. 4 : the result of separating or distinguishing.

What is a Liliaceous plant?

1. liliaceous plant – plant growing from a bulb or corm or rhizome or tuber.

What is meant by Liliaceous plant?

liliaceous in British English (lles ) adjective. of, relating to, or belonging to the Liliaceae, a family of plants having showy flowers and a bulb or bulblike organ: includes the lily, tulip, and bluebell. Collins English Dictionary.

Is Liard a word?

noun, plural liards [lee-ahrz; French lee-ar].

What language did Akbar speak?

There was no official language, Persian was used in the Court of Akbar for all the administrative A Persian understanding of the Mahabharata, Razmnama connotes book of war. It was done by the maktabkhaneh, an understanding office Set up by Akbar to convert critical Sanskrit messages into Persian.

What came first Hindi or Urdu?

Urdu shares its origins with Hindi, sometimes referred to as a ‘sister’ language of Urdu due to the similar grammar base that they share. However, Hindi went on to be written in ‘Devanagri’, the same script as Sanskrit, and its vocabulary has more of a Sanskrit influence than a Persian and Arabic influence.

Which language is known as Kohinoor of India?

Urdu has been called one of the most beautiful and sophisticated languages spoken around the world. … Also known as the ‘Kohinoor’ of India, this Indo-European language developed in and around Delhi during the Delhi Sultanate and became the preferred language of the Mughals during the Mughal Empire.

What does district Wide mean?

Filters. Across an entire district. The districtwide spelling bee had contestants from every middle school in the district. adjective.

What is an example of district?

An area of a town that gets to elect one particular mayor that all in the area must share is an example of a district. Any region; part of a country, city, etc. The business district. (with determiner, informal) The District of Columbia, the federal district of the United States.

What is India district name?

As of 2021 there are a total of 748 districts, up from the 640 in the 2011 Census of India and the 593 recorded in the 2001 Census of India. … List of districts in India.

Areas Largest: Kutch, Gujarat45,652 km2 (17,626 sq mi) Smallest: Mah, Puducherry8.69 km2 (3.36 sq mi)

How do you pronounce Dist?

What does it mean to block something?

to stop something from moving through or along something else.

Who do you spell country?

Spelling of Country: Country is spelled c-o-u-n-t-r-y. Definition of Country: Country has a few different senences. First, country refers to the land of a person’s birth, citizenship, or residence, as well as a political nation or state, or its territory. It also means a rural area or expanse of land.

Is being discreet lying?

Lying can sound like the truth since it cites facts and data, but the intention is to deceive. Being discreet may be quiet on some facts and data without denying them. The motive is not to deceive but to help others appreciate a relevant truth.

Who has discretion?

Discretion is the power of officials to act according to the dictates of their own judgment and conscience. Discretion is abused when the judicial action is arbitrary, fanciful, or unreasonable. If the plaintiff or the defendant thinks that the trial court judge has abused the discretion, the party can appeal the case.

How do you use discretion?

Discretion in a Sentence

  1. Because my daughter spends money recklessly, I have to give out her allowance at my discretion.
  2. Parents have the discretion to determine which television programs their children may watch.