What does unison mean?

By | January 3, 2022

1 : in perfect agreement : so as to harmonize exactly a class reciting in unison. 2 : at the same time : simultaneously.

What kind of word is unison?

Together, in harmony, at the same time, as one, synchronized.

What is unison and how does it work?

How Unison works. Unison co-invests in your home by giving you cash in the form of down payment assistance or equity withdrawal in exchange for a shared portion of the property’s future change in value. The program is an option investment, not a loan. That means there’s no interest or monthly payments.

Is unison Latin or Greek?

Unison comes from the Latin root words uni, meaning one, and sonous, meaning sound. So unison literally means one sound, and in music, it still retains that meaning. Unison occurs when two or more people play or sing the same pitch or in octaves.

What is the meaning of Hauser?

German (also Huser) and Jewish (Ashkenazic): from Middle High German hus ‘house’, German Haus, + the suffix -er, denoting someone who gives shelter or protection. Compare Hausmann. variant of Hausen. Similar surnames: Hausler, Hauber, Haser, Hauter, Mauser, Huser, Lauser, Rauser, Mauer.

What is unison in dance?

Unison. Two or more dancers performing the same movement at the same time.

What are antonyms for unison?

antonyms for unison

  • antagonism.
  • denial.
  • disagreement.
  • discord.
  • dissension.
  • disunity.
  • division.
  • divorce.

What’s the definition of defensively?

1 : serving to defend or protect defensive fortifications. 2a : devoted to resisting or preventing aggression or attack defensive behavior He became defensive when I brought up his spending habits.

What does fright mean?

1 : fear excited by sudden danger : alarm gave me quite a fright. 2 : something strange, ugly, or shocking. fright. verb. frighted; frighting; frights.

Is unison any good?

Unison is a very poor union that fails to represent its members. My experience is that the representative at WMAS works with management to look after herself rather than represent members.

What is the deal with unison?

What Is Unison? Unison is an investment company that lends you money in exchange for a share of future appreciation in your home. Unison will make a co-investment in your property up to 17.5% of it’s current value with a minimum investment of $30,000 and a maximum of $500,000.

Does unison subordinate?

Unison appears on a title report as an entity with an interest in the property. Any subsequent liens would be subordinate to Unison. … This enables Unison to ensure that the equity in the property is not taken up by a reverse mortgage or other transaction that could reduce equity in the property.

Is Unicorn a prefix?

The prefix uni- which means one is an important prefix in the English language. For instance, the prefix uni- gave rise to the words unicycle, uniform, and unison. Perhaps the easiest way to remember that uni- means one is through the word unicorn, or mythological horse that had one horn.

What are some words that start with Tri?

12-letter words that start with tri

  • triglyceride.
  • trimethoprim.
  • triumphalism.
  • triphosphate.
  • trigonometry.
  • tribespeople.
  • trichromatic.
  • trifoliolate.

What part of speech is the word unison?

noun unison

part of speech: noun
definition 1: (prec. by in) the simultaneous sounding of voices, or of musical tones in the same pitch or in octaves.
definition 2: agreement; accord. They acted in unison to fight the enemy. similar words: unity
related words: accord, agreement, chorus, tune

What does Alsace mean?

Alsace is the fifth-smallest of the 27 regions of France in land area, and the smallest in metropolitan France. … The name Alsace can be traced to the Old High German Ali-saz or Elisaz, meaning foreign domain. An alternative explanation is from a Germanic Ell-sass, meaning seated on the Ill, a river in Alsace.

What did Hauser bring?

He brings his old primer, an elementary reading textbook, with him to the class, and uses it to help the youngest students read their letters.

What is the full name of Hauser?

Stjepan Hauser Stjepan Hauser (Croatian pronunciation: [stjpan xuser]; born 15 June 1986) is a Croatian cellist.

Why do dancers dance in unison?

Why is unison in dance important? It’s important because it can create a way for dancers to come back together and refocus the whole performance after a part in which they have ‘broken out’ to perform their own movements.

What does cardiovascular mean in dance?

Aerobic exercise strengthens the heart and lungs, (cardiovascular) system. An aerobically fit dancer can rehearse or perform for longer, more vigorously and achieve a quicker recovery.

What is locomotor dance?

LOCOMOTOR – movements that take you from one place to another (examples: walk, run, skip, hop, jump, slide, leap, gallop, and more). … *Dances are composed of a variety of locomotor and non-locomotor movements. *These movements are used to create dances with a beginning, middle and end.

How do you say all together?


  1. all at once.
  2. all together.
  3. contemporaneously.
  4. jointly.
  5. simultaneously.
  6. synchronously.
  7. unitedly.

How do you use unison in a sentence?

Unison sentence example

  1. They clapped in unison and congratulated her. …
  2. Both men said, in unison , Friend? …
  3. They turned in unison towards the speaker. …
  4. Thanks, they said in unison as Dean was winched upward.

What is the synonym of together?

collectively, as one, hand in glove, in concert, in unison, jointly, mutually, shoulder to shoulder, side by side. at the same time, at one fell swoop, concurrently, contemporaneously, simultaneously.

What’s a spastic?

adjective. Someone who is spastic is born with a disability which makes it difficult for them to control their muscles, especially in their arms and legs. People now refer to someone with this disability as having cerebral palsy. [offensive] A spastic is someone who is spastic.

What is an example of a defensive behavior?

1. aggressive or submissive behavior in response to real or imagined threats of harm. A cat, for example, may exhibit defensive aggression by spitting and hissing, arching its back, and raising the hair along the back of the neck in anticipation of a physical threat (see animal defensive behavior).

What does defensive mode mean?

Defensive mode. The defensive mode is chosen to isolate or stabilize and incident to ensure it does not get any worse. This may mean sacrificing the building on fire to save others that are not involved.

How can I speak frightened in English?

What is a minding?

A minding, then, can be a keepsake, or something given which may not be particularly valuable in itself, but is an indication that the recipient has been in the giver’s thoughts, *or* to bring the giver to the thoughts of the recipient – a memento, maybe is one way to think about it.

What means frightful?

1 : causing intense fear or alarm : terrifying. 2 : startling especially in being bad or objectionable a frightful novel. 3 : extreme frightful thirst.