What does the unvarnished truth mean?

By | January 5, 2022

The plain facts without embellishment, as in Let’s just have the unvarnished truth about the sale. This idiom was first recorded in 1883, although unvarnished had been used to describe a direct statement since Shakespeare’s time.

What does it mean to undervalue something?

transitive verb. 1 : to value, rate, or estimate below the real worth undervalue stock. 2 : to treat as having little value was undervalued as a poet.

What is an unvalued person?

1 obsolete : invaluable. 2a : not important or prized : disregarded.

What is a word for not valued?

Unvalued, un-vald, adj. not valued; not yet having the value set: invaluable.

What is an unvarnished person?

1a : not adorned or glossed : plain, straightforward told the unvarnished truth. b : artless, frank the unvarnished candor of old people and children Janet Flanner.

What is meant by varnished?

varnished; varnishing; varnishes. Definition of varnish (Entry 2 of 2) transitive verb. 1 : to apply varnish to. 2 : to cover or conceal (something, such as something unpleasant) with something that gives an attractive appearance : gloss entry 2.

What does it mean when someone undervalues you?

If you undervalue something or someone, you fail to recognize how valuable or important they are.

What does Unappreciate mean?

: not given deserved recognition or thanks : not properly appreciated unappreciated volunteers felt unappreciated for her efforts a career largely unappreciated by critics an unappreciated skill.

What does it mean to be underrated?

The definition of underrated is something that has not received the merit, recognition or praise it deserves. A movie that is really very good but that no one really pays attention to or praises is an example of an underrated movie.

What is Unvaluable?

1 obsolete : invaluable. 2a : not valuable. b : having negative value.

What do you say to someone who feels unappreciated?

Rather than getting into an argument about whether or not you’re actually appreciative, say something like, I wanted to let you know that I heard you. I never wanted you to feel unappreciated, and I’m sorry that you do. I want to work together to make sure you don’t feel that way again.

What does Invalue mean?

: valuable beyond estimation : priceless providing invaluable assistance.

What is the opposite of valued?

Opposite of considered to be important or beneficial. unbeloved. unrespected. worthless. useless.

What is the opposite of valuable?

valuable. Antonyms: cheap, vile, worthless, valueless. Synonyms: precious, costly, estimable.

What do you call a worthless person?

What is another word for worthless person?

bad egg miscreant
lawbreaker villain
malefactor delinquent
convict crook
transgressor felon

What does the word disenchantment?

Disenchantment is the feeling that comes from being let down or disillusioned by someone or something. The disenchantment of young voters can have a strong effect on an election’s outcome.

What is Starks?

1a : rigid in or as if in death. b : rigidly conforming (as to a pattern or doctrine) : absolute stark discipline. 2 archaic : strong, robust. 3 : utter, sheer stark nonsense. 4a : barren, desolate.

What is the meaning of Veridicality?

truthful, veracious veridical vuh-RID-ih-kul adjective. 1 : truthful, veracious 2 : not illusory : genuine.

What colour is varnish?

Generally varnishes are clear, and a stain is used before applying the varnish, if colour is needed. Varnishes with added colour are often intended to enhance the appearance of wood, or even give it some extra colour, which is easier and quicker that staining and then varnishing in t two step process.

Is polyurethane a varnish?

Polyurethane is a synthetic resin and type of varnish used in the finishing of floors, cabinets and other woodwork. It is a desirable choice of varnish because it is transparent, water-, fungus- and mildew- resistant, and resists abrasions.

What is the price of varnish?

Questions & Answers on Varnishes

Finish Min Price Max Price
High Gloss Rs 255/Kg Rs 299/Kg
High Gloss Rs 100/Litre Rs 200/Litre

How do you not undervalue yourself?

Read on to discover how to stop the undervaluing epidemic now, and bring the love you have for your work back to vibrant, beating life.

  1. Remember Time is Money. …
  2. Find a Balance. …
  3. Be Willing To Walk Away. …
  4. Fight For Your Clients, Fight For Yourself.

What does undervaluation mean?

1 : the act of undervaluing. 2 : a value below the real worth.

How do you stop feeling undervalued?

7 Ways to Get Rid of Feeling Unappreciated

  1. Do Things for Yourself. …
  2. Appreciate Yourself. …
  3. Be Appreciative of Others. …
  4. Keep in Mind That Life Is Not Fair. …
  5. Focus on the Good Only. …
  6. See the Importance of What You Do and Relish It. …
  7. Be Confident.

Is unappreciated a feeling?

Knowing that un- means not, you can probably figure out that someone who is unappreciated is someone whose value is not recognized or rewarded. We all feel unappreciated at times, but feeling that way might help us appreciate others. The adjective unappreciated took shape in the mid-19th century.

What is the meaning of thankless job?

adjective [usually ADJECTIVE noun] If you describe a job or task as thankless, you mean that it is hard work and brings very few rewards. Soccer referees have a thankless task. Synonyms: unrewarding, unappreciated More Synonyms of thankless.

How do you spell Unappreciation?

Lack of appreciation; failure to appreciate; ingratitude.

Is Underrated a bad thing?

It’s frequently used to describe not things that are generally disliked but things that a lot of people like but don’t love. You might describe an actor as underrated if you think their performances are better than people give them credit for.

What is another word for Undeterred?

What is another word for undeterred?

untiring resolute
unyielding stubborn
doughty undiscouraged
unbending steadfast
lionhearted undismayed

What is an example of overrated?

An example of something that would be described as overrated is a restaurant that everyone says is delicious but which really is just OK. Given an undue amount of credit for quality or merit in a field; not necessarily related to popularity. My sister is an overrated singer.