What does it mean to have urge?

By | January 6, 2022

As a noun, urge means a desire. As a verb, it means to strongly encourage. Urge is related to the word, urgent, or ‘pressing. ‘ An urge is a pressing want, one that is almost a compulsion, like when you’re so frustrated, you have the urge to scream. If you urge someone to do something, you feel strongly about it.

What is an example of an urge?

Urge is the act of force or pushing along or a desire for something. An example of urge is an argument that college is an important to a wavering high school senior. An example of urge is a strong wish for caramel. Urge is defined as to force or push to stimulate someone to take action.

What is the synonym urge?

desire, wish, need, impulse, compulsion, longing, yearning, hankering, craving, appetite, hunger, thirst, lust, fancy. informal yen, itch.

How do you use urge?

Urge sentence example

  1. She fought back the urge to run. …
  2. Suppressing the urge to laugh wasn’t easy, but she managed it. …
  3. It is never necessary to urge her to study. …
  4. Deidre had the sudden urge to go home. …
  5. With every scrap of will power she possessed, she resisted the urge to help him with the buttons.

What is a ERGE?

1 : the act or process of urging. 2 : a force or impulse that urges especially : a continuing impulse toward an activity or goal. Other Words from urge Synonyms More Example Sentences Learn More About urge.

What is the opposite of Urge?

Opposite of a sudden impulse or desire. nonchalance. disinterest. indifference. apathy.

What is the difference between urge and desire?

As nouns the difference between urge and desire is that urge is a strong desire; an itch to do something while desire is someone or something wished for.

How do you use urged in a sentence?

Urged sentence example

  1. We’ll get it all packed, urged Sonya reproachfully. …
  2. Sofia took a step back and silently urged Pierre to hurry. …
  3. Let’s go, he said and urged Ed into a lope. …
  4. Alex urged Ed into a walk and they continued their mission. …
  5. Zeb shook the reins and urged him to go, but Jim was stubborn.

How do you use urge in a sentence?

Urges sentence example

  1. People have urges and sometimes things just happen. …
  2. Don’t fight your urges for me. …
  3. He urges that an adequate explanation is impossible on the assumption of a Jewish or Christian origin.

What are two synonyms urge?

Synonyms & Antonyms of urge

  • egg (on),
  • encourage,
  • exhort,
  • goad,
  • nudge,
  • press,
  • prod,
  • prompt.

What’s another word for Urged?

What is another word for urged?

pressed adjured
influenced lured
motivated moved
prompted requested
solicited wheedled

What is the adjective of Urge?

Adjectives frequently used with urge. irresistible, overwhelming, powerful, strong, sudden, uncontrollable, violent.

What is meant by URGE in Para?

Answer: strong desire is the meaning of urge.

How can I control my urges?

Learning tools from substance use treatment can help us all make better choices.

  1. Delay.
  2. Escape.
  3. Avoid.
  4. Distract.
  5. Substitute.
  6. Delay means to just put off reacting, using, or giving in to the craving for a bit of time and know that the urge will go away. …
  7. Escape means removing yourself from the situation that is triggering you.

How do you pronounce the word urge?

What joined forces mean?

: to begin working together in order to achieve something We must all join forces to prevent violence.

Is Mergeable a word?

Capable of being merged.

What is noun for Merge?

merger. The act or process of merging two or more parts into a single unit.

What is another word for urge and persuade?

1 urge, influence, move, entice, impel.

What part of speech is urge?

verb (used without object), urged, urging.

How do you use pacify in a sentence?

Pacify sentence example

  1. Then Henry set to work to pacify and restore prosperity to his kingdom. …
  2. After the 9th Thermidor attempts were made to pacify the country. …
  3. The Thermidorian government also endeavoured to pacify the rebels of the west.

How do you use influence in a sentence?

Examples of influence in a Sentence He used his influence to reform the company’s policies.She has remained under the influence of her parents. She claims that her personal problems played no influence upon her decision to resign. His health problems may have had some influence on his decision.

Has and have difference?

While the verb to have has many different meanings, its primary meaning is to possess, own, hold for use, or contain. Have and has indicate possession in the present tense (describing events that are currently happening). Have is used with the pronouns I, you, we, and they, while has is used with he, she, and it.

What is the sentence of quietly?

He is quietly confident that there will be no problems this time. He waited until his daughter was asleep, then tiptoed quietly out of the room. The lecturer spoke so quietly that he was scarcely audible at the back of the hall. She turned the door knob and quietly opened the door.

What is the synonym of strong desire?

Frequently Asked Questions About desire Some common synonyms of desire are covet, crave, want, and wish. While all these words mean to have a longing for, desire stresses the strength of feeling and often implies strong intention or aim.