Does the word abase mean?

By | January 2, 2022

to reduce or lower, as in rank, office, reputation, or estimation; humble; degrade. Archaic. to lower; put or bring down: He abased his head.

How do you abase someone?

To abase something or someone is to humiliate them no, more than just humiliate them. If you abase another person you are bringing them low, humbling them in a mean, base manner. Not nice at all. Abase means to bring someone down, often either in their job or their self-esteem.

What does it mean to abase oneself?

formal. : to behave in a way that makes one seem lower or less deserving of respect politicians abasing themselves before wealthy businessmen.

How do you use the word abase?

Abase Sentence Examples

  1. The demotion did not abase his credibility with his peers.
  2. Don’t abase your cousin by making fun of his accent.
  3. You should abase yourselves as miserable friends.
  4. The mother-in-law would demean her, as a way to abase the young wife in the son’s eyes.

What does the word abase mean in the Bible?

1 formal : to lower in rank, office, prestige, or esteem abase oneself the shame that had abased him within and without James Joyce.

What is the etymology of abase?

abase (v.) late 14c., reduce in rank, etc., from Old French abaissier diminish, make lower in value or status; lower oneself (12c.), literally bend, lean down, from Vulgar Latin *ad bassiare bring lower, from ad to, toward (see ad-) + Late Latin bassus low, short (see base (adj.)).

Who is a Marauder?

: one who roams from place to place making attacks and raids in search of plunder : one that marauds Residents are literally up in arms over seven robberies by hooded, armed men who have broken into homes to terrorize and plunder.

What is the opposite of abase?

abase. Antonyms: promote, exalt, honor, raise, elevate, dignify, aggrandize. Synonyms: degrade, disgrace, bring low, reduce, humble, demean, stoop, humiliate, depress, lower, sink, dishonor.

What does Locomote mean?

to move about intransitive verb. : to move about. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About locomote.

What part of speech is abase?

transitive verb abase

part of speech: transitive verb
inflections: abases, abasing, abased

Whats the definition of assiduous?

: showing great care, attention, and effort : marked by careful unremitting attention or persistent application. Examples: Ryan Murphy , in his last FX series before founding his Netflix empire, was also assiduous about hiring transgender actors and creative staff. James Poniewozik, The New York Times, 1 June …

What does it mean when something is benign?

Benign refers to a condition, tumor, or growth that is not cancerous. This means that it does not spread to other parts of the body. It does not invade nearby tissue. Sometimes, a condition is called benign to suggest it is not dangerous or serious.

What is abase sentence?

to lower so as to hurt feelings. Examples of Abase in a sentence. 1. My stepmother is an evil woman who likes to abase little children because she had a miserable childhood herself. 2.

How do you use Actuate in a sentence?

The main linear actuators of the pneumatic systems are cylinders. All the joints are powered by electric actuators. A variety of bending motions must be generated with only a finite number of actuators.

How do you use Abate in a sentence?

Abate sentence example

  1. In an hour or so the storm would abate and they could leave. …
  2. I took Laura some homemade cookies, hoping to abate her sadness. …
  3. Taking pain medicine can cause headaches to abate . …
  4. The crowd’s roar began to abate after a few minutes of excitement.

What does recompense mean in the Bible?

1a : to give something to by way of compensation (as for a service rendered or damage incurred) b : to pay for. 2 : to return in kind : requite. recompense. noun.

What is a proselyte in the Bible?

A proselyte is a new convert, especially someone who has recently switched from one religion to another. In some Christian churches, a proselyte must be baptized. … Proselyte has a Greek root, proselytos, which means both convert to Judaism and one who has come over.

What does it mean to take up your cross?

It means to lay our ego strength aside. Taking up our cross means, instead, picking up those weaknesses that we so often try to run away from in life. Taking up our cross means carrying around those places where we are vulnerable, places where we are maybe even exposed to embarrassment and shame.

What is a supplicant person?

A supplicant can be a fervently religious person who prays to God for help with a problem, and it can also be someone who begs earnestly for something he or she wants. A younger brother entreating his sister to be allowed in her tree house could be described as a supplicant.

What is the root of Abate?

Abate comes from the Old French verb abattre, to beat down, and means to reduce or become less intense or numerous.

What do you mean by Marathon?

1 : a footrace run on an open course usually of 26 miles 385 yards (42.2 kilometers) broadly : a long-distance race. 2a : an endurance contest. b : something (such as an event, activity, or session) characterized by great length or concentrated effort. Marathon. geographical name.

Why did James Potter bully Snape?

He learned that James had been something of a bully in his youth, witnessing a memory of Snape’s, in which James and Sirius picked on and humiliated Snape simply because they were bored.

Why is Sirius called Padfoot?

To support him, Sirius, James, and Peter secretly and illegally became Animagi. … Sirius’ form took the shape of a huge black dog (not unlike the Grim), from which his nickname Padfoot was derived. James would become a stag (Prongs) and Peter would become a rat (Wormtail).

What is the synonym for abase?

synonyms for abase

  • belittle.
  • debase.
  • degrade.
  • demean.
  • diminish.
  • disgrace.
  • dishonor.
  • humble.

What does abased and abound mean?

As verbs the difference between abound and abase is that abound is to be full to overflowing while abase is (archaic) to lower physically or depress; to stoop; to throw or cast down; as, to abase the eye .

Is aggrandize a noun?

Aggrandizement is the noun form of the verb aggrandize, to increase the power or reputation of something, and it usually implies that there’s some exaggeration going on.

What is a moppet British?

1 archaic : baby, darling. 2 : child.

Is Locomoted a word?

verb (used without object), locomoted, locomoting. to move about, especially under one’s own power.

What is the word for moving forward?

What is another word for moving forward?

on the move making progress
proceeding progressing
advancing developing
going forward forging ahead
pressing on making headway