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What causes scaphoid scapula?

A scapula in which the vertebral border below the level of the spine presents concavity instead of the normal convexity; the scaphoid type of scapula (Graves) is a scapula in which the vertebral border between the spine and the teres major process is either straight or tends toward concavity. What is inferior angle of scapula?… Read More »

Is a scaphoid fracture serious?

A scaphoid fracture can lead to wrist osteoarthritis, especially if the fracture is untreated and does not heal correctly. This is called nonunion. Severe cases of this kind of osteoarthritis can lead to an incorrect alignment of wrist bones in what is called scaphoid nonunion advanced collapse (SNAC). How long does it take a scaphoid… Read More »

What causes scaphoid abdomen in adults?

A scaphoid abdomen is due to malnutrition. Skin abnormalities detected on inspection of the abdominal wall need to be correlated with the clinical history. Bruising should be correlated with a history of trauma to determine the possible organs injured. What causes a sunken abdomen? The condition may be brought about by loss of muscular tone,… Read More »

What causes scaphocephaly?

Scaphocephaly is caused by the early fusion of the sagittal suture which runs from front to back at the top of the skull. Early fusion of a suture in infancy is called synostosis and this type is the most common form of craniosynostosis. How do you treat scaphocephaly? Your doctor may recommend a specially molded… Read More »

What causes Scaphocephaly?

Scaphocephaly is caused by the early fusion of the sagittal suture which runs from front to back at the top of the skull. Early fusion of a suture in infancy is called synostosis and this type is the most common form of craniosynostosis. What does Scaphocephaly mean? Medical Definition of scaphocephaly : a congenital deformity… Read More »

What is Scapho injection?

Scapho, generically called as secukinumab, is an injectable medicine and the first interleukin-17A (IL-17A) inhibitor to be approved in India for the treatment of moderate-to-severe plaque psoriasis in adult patients. What is Secukinumab used to treat? Secukinumab injection is used to treat moderate to severe plaque psoriasis (a skin disease in which red, scaly patches… Read More »

What is the Scapha in the ear?

Scapha: The groove between the helix and the antihelix. Tragus: A posterior, slightly inferior, protrusion of skin-covered cartilage, anterior to the auditory meatus. What is helix of the ear? Helix: The outer rim of the ear that extends from the superior insertion of the ear on the scalp (root) to the termination of the cartilage… Read More »

Where did the term Scapegrace come from?

Scapegrace, which first appeared in English in the mid-18th century (over 200 years after scapegoat), arrived at its meaning through its literal interpretation as one who has escaped the grace of God. (Two now-obsolete words based on a similar notion are scape-thrift, meaning spendthrift, and want-grace, a synonym … What was Scapegrace called? Rogue Society… Read More »

What is an example of scapegoating?

The definition of a scapegoat is someone who is assigned the blame or made to take the fall for something. When three employees plan a prank together and then blame it on one person, getting him fired, the person who was blamed is an example of a scapegoat. … He is making me a scapegoat.… Read More »

What does being a scapegoat mean?

scapegoat SKAYP-goat noun. 1 : a male goat upon whose head are symbolically placed the sins of the people after which he is sent into the wilderness in the biblical ceremony for Yom Kippur. 2 a : one that bears the blame for others. b : one that is the object of irrational hostility. What… Read More »

What is escape wheel?

escape wheel. noun. horology a toothed wheel that engages intermittently with a balance wheel or pendulum, causing the mechanism to oscillate and thereby moving the hands of a clock or watchAlso called: scapewheel. What does the escape wheel do in a clock? function. In a pendulum clock an escape wheel is allowed to rotate through… Read More »

How many ships were sunk at Scapa Flow?

The scuttling was carried out on 21 June 1919. Intervening British guard ships were able to beach some of the ships, but 52 of the 74 interned vessels sank. … Scuttling of the German fleet at Scapa Flow. Date 21 June 1919 Result Majority of German fleet sunk Does the Royal Navy still use Scapa… Read More »

What is the scanzoni maneuver?

Medical Definition of Scanzoni maneuver : rotation of an abnormally positioned fetus by means of forceps with subsequent reapplication of forceps for delivery. How do you manually rotate fetal head? Manual rotation may be performed to turn the baby’s head to the anterior position. Manual rotation entails the use of the accoucheur’s hand or fingers… Read More »

What does being scanty mean?

: limited or less than sufficient in degree, quantity, or extent. What is the synonym of scanty? Frequently Asked Questions About scanty Some common synonyms of scanty are meager, scant, skimpy, spare, and sparse. While all these words mean falling short of what is normal, necessary, or desirable, scanty stresses insufficiency in amount, quantity, or… Read More »

What is another word for scantlings?

What is another word for scantling? beam board girder scaffolding bolster crossbar crosspiece cantilever lintel stringer What are scantlings on a ship? marine. A marine term for the size and strength of structural elements: the dimensions of the ship frames, girders, stiffeners and plates. What is a sentence for scantlings? Examples of scantlings The chassis… Read More »

What is scantling timber?

a timber of relatively slight width and thickness, as a stud or rafter in a house frame. such timbers collectively. the width and thickness of a timber. the dimensions of a building stone. What is a ship scantling? marine. A marine term for the size and strength of structural elements: the dimensions of the ship… Read More »

What is a scant amount?

adjective, scanter, scantest. barely sufficient in amount or quantity; not abundant; almost inadequate: to do scant justice. limited; meager; not large: a scant amount. barely amounting to as much as indicated: a scant two hours; a scant cupful. What is scant synonym? Frequently Asked Questions About scant Some common synonyms of scant are meager, scanty,… Read More »

What is Scansorial adaptation?

Definition of Scansorial Adaptation: In Latin, ‘scansorius’ means capable of climbing and ‘arboreus’ means ‘of a tree’. Modification of organisms for leading life on the walls, rocks, branches of the trees or arboreal habitat, are called scansorial adaptation. What is the meaning of Cursorial in English? cursorial in American English 1. adapted for running, as… Read More »

What is an example of scansion?

When we scan a poem or use scansion, we typically mark the syllables in some way-bold or underlined for accented syllables, or using accent marks over the syllables. And waves it o’er ev’ry field and pond, My heart begins to sing. Twinkle, twinkle, little star. What is a scansion in poetry? The analysis of the… Read More »

What is scanning tunneling microscope?

A scanning tunneling microscope (STM) is a type of microscope used for imaging surfaces at the atomic level. … STM senses the surface by using an extremely sharp conducting tip that can distinguish features smaller than 0.1 nm with a 0.01 nm (10 pm) depth resolution. Why is scanning tunneling microscope important? Due to the… Read More »

What is a scanning probe microscope used for?

A scanning probe microscope (SPM) is an instrument used for studying surfaces at the nanoscale level. What is probe in scanning probe microscope? A scanning probe microscope has a sharp probe tip on the end of a cantilever, which can scan the surface of the specimen. The tip moves back and forth in a very… Read More »

What are line scans?

Line scan cameras contain a single row of pixels used to capture data very quickly. As the object moves past the camera, a complete image can be reconstructed in software line by line. Line scan systems are best employed in high-speed processing or fast-moving conveyor line applications. Why do I get a line when scanning?… Read More »

What is the scanning probe microscope used for?

A scanning probe microscope (SPM) is an instrument used for studying surfaces at the nanoscale level. How does a scanning tunneling microscope work? The scanning tunneling microscope (STM) works by scanning a very sharp metal wire tip over a surface. By bringing the tip very close to the surface, and by applying an electrical voltage… Read More »

What is a scanning electron microscope used for?

Because of its great depth of focus, a scanning electron microscope is the EM analog of a stereo light microscope. It provides detailed images of the surfaces of cells and whole organisms that are not possible by TEM. It can also be used for particle counting and size determination, and for process control. What is… Read More »

What does scanning a disk mean?

(in mechanical scanning) a disk with a line of holes spiraling in from its edge, rotated in front of a surface so as to expose a small segment as each hole passes before it for transmitting or reproducing a picture. How do I use a scan disk? To run ScanDisk from Windows 95 and 98,… Read More »

What is the scanner?

A scanner is a device that captures images from photographic prints, posters, magazine pages, and similar sources for computer editing and display. Scanners come in hand-held, feed-in, and flatbed types and for scanning black-and-white only, or color. Can I scan without a scanner? Use your built-in phone or tablet camera to take a photo of… Read More »

What is scandium oxide used for?

Scandium Oxide is applied in optical coating, catalyst, electronic ceramics and laser industry. It is also used annually in making high-intensity discharge lamps. A high melting white solid used in high-temperature systems (for its resistance to heat and thermal shock), electronic ceramics, and glass composition. What is the oxide of scandium? Scandium(III) oxide or scandia… Read More »

What is scandium used for?

Scandium is mainly used for research purposes. It has, however, great potential because it has almost as low a density as aluminium and a much higher melting point. An aluminium-scandium alloy has been used in Russian MIG fighter planes, high-end bicycle frames and baseball bats. Why is scandium so expensive? Owing to its scarcity and… Read More »

What countries are in Scandinavia?

The Nordic Region consists of Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Iceland, as well as the Faroe Islands, Greenland, and land. You can find useful information about the Nordic Region and each of its countries here. What are the 7 Scandinavian countries? In general, Scandinavia denotes Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The term Norden refers to Denmark,… Read More »

Who is the owner of Scandic Hotels?

Hilton Group In 2001, Scandic was acquired by the London-based Hilton Group. The hotel chain changed ownership again in 2007, this time bought by Swedish private equity firm EQT for EUR 833 million. In July 2013, Scandic Hotels partnered with Swiss Hospitality to gear up its digital infrastructure. Does Hilton own Scandic? Hilton Group owns… Read More »

Was Skanderbeg a Serbian?

For these earlier authors Skanderbeg was a Serb, as were his comrades in arms; he was the last Serb dynast, who ruled lands inhabited by Serbs. What was Skanderbeg religion? Skanderbeg House Kastrioti Father Gjon Kastrioti Mother Voisava Kastrioti Religion Eastern Orthodoxy (by upbringing) Islam (converted in 1423) Catholicism (converted in 1443) Is there going… Read More »

What is a scandalous person?

adjective. disgraceful; shameful or shocking; improper: scandalous behavior in public. defamatory or libelous, as a speech or writing. attracted to or preoccupied with scandal, as a person: a scandalous, vicious gossip. What does the word mean scandalous? English Language Learners Definition of scandalous : shocking or offensive. : involving immoral or shocking things that a… Read More »

What is a scandalmonger meaning?

: a person who circulates scandal. What does mongering mean? 1 : broker, dealer usually used in combination alemonger. 2 : a person who attempts to stir up or spread something that is usually petty or discreditable usually used in combination warmonger. monger. verb. mongered; mongering m-g(-)ri , m- What does stirrer mean? Meaning of… Read More »

What does it mean to scandalize someone?

transitive verb. 1 : to offend the moral sense of : shock She was scandalized by his behavior. 2 archaic : to speak falsely or maliciously of. 3 archaic : to bring into reproach. What does being accosted mean? transitive verb. : to approach and speak to (someone) in an often challenging or aggressive way… Read More »

What is the plot of Scandal?

Scandal is an American political thriller television series starring Kerry Washington. … The show takes place in Washington, D.C. and focuses on Olivia Pope’s crisis management firm, Olivia Pope & Associates (OPA), and its staff, as well as staff at the White House and surrounding political scene. Why did Stephen leave Scandal? Stephen (Henry Ian… Read More »

What does Scand mean?

b : a person whose conduct offends propriety or morality a scandal to the profession. 2 : loss of or damage to reputation caused by actual or apparent violation of morality or propriety : disgrace. 3 : malicious or defamatory gossip. Is Scand a word? An obsolete form of scanned , past participle of scan.… Read More »

What you mean by scan?

1 : to read or mark so as to show metrical structure scan poetry. 2 : to examine by point-by-point observation or checking: a : to investigate thoroughly by checking point by point and often repeatedly a fire lookout scanning the hills with binoculars. How do I scan with my phone? Scan a document Open… Read More »

What scammer means?

: one who perpetrates a scam : a person who commits or participates in a fraudulent scheme or operation insurance/credit card scammers The company will not call you to ask for your Social Security or account number, but nefarious scammers might. What is a scampered meaning? : to run nimbly and usually playfully about. scamper.… Read More »

What is scampi made out of?

Scampi, also called Dublin Bay Prawn or Norway Lobster (Nephrops norvegicus), is an edible lobster of the order Decapoda. It is widespread in the Mediterranean and northeastern Atlantic, from North Africa to Norway and Iceland, and is a gastronomic delicacy. Does scampi mean shrimp? Scampi, to be precise, does not mean shrimp but is the… Read More »

What is SCAMPER technique?

The SCAMPER Technique is a team brainstorming technique used to develop or improve products or services. SCAMPER is an acronym for Substitute, Combine, Adapt, Modify/Magnify, Purpose, Eliminate/Minimize and Rearrange/Reverse. Substitute: What can be replaced? ( for example, components, materials, people) What is the example of SCAMPER? Here are some examples of how the SCAMPER verbs… Read More »

How much does Scamp cost?

A brand new Scamp costs around $15,590 for the fundamental 13′ model, $20,890 for 16′, and $23,090 for 19′. You can find these prices in the 2021 NADA guide, but pricing varies widely. Scamps earn their price tags according to the floor plan and seller-chosen options since all Scamp campers are custom-made. How much is… Read More »

What are the signs of a scammer?

Four Signs That It’s a Scam Scammers PRETEND to be from an organization you know. Scammers often pretend to be contacting you on behalf of the government. … Scammers say there’s a PROBLEM or a PRIZE. … Scammers PRESSURE you to act immediately. … Scammers tell you to PAY in a specific way. Can a… Read More »

Is scambaiting legal?

Scambaiters take numerous precautions in order to be certain that what they’re doing is both safe and legal. If you don’t know what you’re doing, scambaiting can be dangerous and unethical. One of the biggest risks is the assumption that the scammer is based in another country. What is scambaiting? / (skmbet) / noun. computing… Read More »

What is a Scamander?

In Greek mythology, Scamander was a river god, son of Oceanus and Tethys according to Hesiod. … According to Homer, he was called Xanthos by gods and Scamander by men, which might indicate that the former name refers to the god and the latter one to the river itself. Is Scamander related to Harry Potter?… Read More »

What scammer means?

: one who perpetrates a scam : a person who commits or participates in a fraudulent scheme or operation insurance/credit card scammers The company will not call you to ask for your Social Security or account number, but nefarious scammers might. What is scamming a person? : a dishonest way to make money by deceiving… Read More »

What does it mean if someone is scaly?

If a person’s skin is scaly, it is very dry. (Definition of scaly from the Cambridge Academic Content Dictionary Cambridge University Press) Is it Scaley or scaly? As adjectives the difference between scaly and scaley is that scaly is covered or abounding with scales; as, a scaly fish while scaley is . What does Scaley… Read More »

What is a scaly anteater called?

Pangolins are often called scaly anteaters, which is a very good description for them, even though they are not closely related to anteaters. Like anteaters, pangolins have long snouts and even longer tongues that they use to slurp up ants and termites. Their bodies are covered in scales that form a kind of armor. Why… Read More »

Is Alocasia Scalprum rare?

Alocasia scalprum is endemic to (exclusively found in) the Philippines, but is said to be known only from Samar island. As a result of the limited habitat, A. scalprum is now quite rare in private collections. How do you take care of Alocasia Scalprum? Alocasia Scalprum Light. Bright, indirect sunlight. Can tolerate lower light quite… Read More »

Is scalping illegal trading?

Stock scalping refers to the illegal and deceptive practice of recommending that others purchase a security while secretly selling the same security. … A key element of criminal cases involving stock scalping schemes is that the scalpers recommend that investors purchase stock while secretly selling their own securities. What does scalping do to a person?… Read More »

What is a scalpel used for?

Scalpel is an essential dermatological tool used for making skin incisions, tissue dissections, and a variety of surgical approaches since the onset of ‘modern’ surgery. Scalpel blades come in different sizes, identified by a blade number, and each serving a different purpose. What is a scalpel blade? A scalpel is a bladed surgical instrument used… Read More »